You’ve just graduated. High school, or college, or graduate school.


Now you’re standing on the edge of a cliff looking off into the abyss that is this thing called the real world.

People have been talking about the real world your entire life.

You’ve been thinking about the real world for years.

But now that you’re about to enter the real world… do you even know what it really is?


The real world… Your dream job… Your future…

It lies at the bottom of that cliff.

All you have to do it get there.


Are you standing on the edge of the cliff with nothing but rocks tied to your ankles?

Are you standing there with a parachute?

Or maybe you’re standing there with rappel ropes so you can get down?


But wait.

Do you even know how to use them?

It’s okay, you think. I can figure this one out all on my own.

Nobody has ever taught me, but how hard can it be?


You tie the rope around your midsection.

You take the instruments you have to use to rappel down this cliff and then you take a deep breath.


You lean over the edge again.

You look over the edge into the great abyss that goes on further than your eyes will take you.


As you muster up all the confidence you have, you take the first step over the edge to begin your descent.

Most of us will make it a few feet, we will be successful in our first couple rappels down this mountain.


But then, our inexperience throws us a curveball. For one reason or another we slip. We begin to fall.


We fall deeper and deeper into the real world.

We flail around. We shout for help. We try to grasp on to anything within our reach…

But it just doesn’t help…


And as you’re falling and falling you begin to reflect on your life.

13+ years of education. Then four more years in college. Maybe even more years in a graduate or doctorate program…

All of that education and focus on scholarship and somehow nobody ever taught me to rappel safely down a mountain?? 


It’s an outrage!!

After all this learning how did I miss something so critical to success???


Unfortunately, this silly analogy is all too real.


It’s astonishing how many graduates on any level have been left with the equipment to get down the mountain through their many years of training and learning in the classroom but are standing on the edge of the cliff with absolutely no idea how to USE the equipment to LAND the job and ENTER the real world successfully.


The goal of Strive for Success is to encourage and teach young people to use what they have learned in the classroom to one day land a seat in the boardroom.


You’ve heard WHY Strive for Success is important, but now let’s talk about the where, what, and how.





Yes, you heard that correctly.

ANYWHERE. And Everywhere.

Graduating high school seniors planning to go directly into the workforce.

Graduating college or graduate students who are seeking their first job.

AND adults with years in the real world, exploring new job opportunities.



Target. Teach. Practice. Apply.


Target what is needed and where the gap is between educational knowledge and the goal.


Teach the missing pieces. Build a bridge over the gap.


Practice makes perfect… Or one day it will.


Apply your education to the skills you need to make your success a reality.




Use THIS blog!

You will find common interview questions.

But more importantly you will find stragegies for self-reflection so you can answer those questions honestly and in a way that will increase your chances of landing your dream job.


You will also find tutorial videos and posts on how to dress for different professional situations, how to craft a genius cover letter and resume, and how to find the confidence to achieve whatever success you set your heart on.


Another way to accomplish the goals of Strive for Success is through motivational speeches as well as narrowly tailored events to promote Strive for Success.


Lastly, this platform is promoted through one-on-one consultations…


More information coming soon on what this means, how this works, and when you can take advantage of this feature!


At the end of the day Strive for Success is simple.

Let’s learn TOGETHER how to take our scholastic knowledge and achievements and apply them to the real world.


Let’s journey over the cliff TOGETHER with actual confidence and true understanding of the equipment we have been given during our educational journey. Let’s discover TOGETHER how to rappel safely down the mountain and find success at the bottom.



Thanks for learning about Strive for Success, more details to come!