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strive for success


Success in the real world requires much more than just a degree. Imagine that you have just graduated from high school, college, or even a graduate program. You are standing on the edge of a cliff looking off into the abyss that is the “real world.” You have been climbing up this educational mountain since kindergarten, chasing the goal of having a diploma placed in your hand so you can venture off into society and make a difference. You’ve finally made it to the top of the mountain only to discover there is a steep cliff on the other side and that your future, your dream job, and your potential success all sit at the bottom of the cliff. Your task is simple: Safely rappel down the mountain and seize the vast opportunities that lay at the bottom of the cliff. 


Rappel ropes sit at your feet, representing the diploma you just earned. The tools for success are right in front of you. Your diploma is supposed to land you a good job, like the rappel ropes are supposed to get you safely down the cliff. Suddenly, you realize that despite all these years of school and collecting these educational tools, nobody taught you how to use the tools to find success in the real world. Now, you’re stuck at the top of the mountain paralyzed with uncertainty and fear because you have no idea how to use those rappel ropes. Strive for Success is a non-profit created out of this unfortunate reality that so many students face at the end of their educational journey. Strive for Success aims to teach others how to actually use the tools they’ve acquired during their education so they never get stuck at the top of a mountain, in the unemployment line, or in an unsatisfying career. 


“Strive” means “to make great efforts to achieve or obtain something;” and another definition is to “struggle or fight vigorously.” However, the only person that can define “success” is YOU, and it should be a continually evolving definition. Success is something that should be attainable for everyone. From grade school children to high school and college students to adults actively in the workforce, Strive for Success has already touched the lives of more than fifteen million people over the last five years. Through professional skill development, job force readiness, and the cultivation of a healthy relationship with failure and success, Strive for Success prepares others to define their own success and work tirelessly until it can be achieved. 


Elevate and motivate others to reach their full personal and professional success.


Ensure nobody feels inadequately prepared to be successful in the real world. 

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