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This blog post is a little different than others. This post is purely a PSA.

I've decided to do something scary. Something bold. Something OUTSIDE my comfort zone.

I'm making plans to start my own business.

You heard that right! I'm going to be an entrepreneur folks!

I'm sure your first question is what the business will be, but I'd like to start somewhere different.

Let's start with what prompted this terrifying decision.


I've been reading "Love What you Do" by Dana Spinola and WOW. If you are experiencing a rut, have fallen out of love with your career, or are trying to determine what career path to take I HIGHLY recommend this bad boy.

The first thing this book touts is:

"What you do is not your job title; it's the good work you put into this world."

Yikes. When someone asks what I do I respond with, "I'm in law school." That's my title, but that's not what I do. I am so much more than my title, and so are YOU! Don't forget that.

The next thing the book focuses on is discovering WHAT YOU LOVE.

I realized I didn't have a clear answer. Sure, several things came to mind.

I love learning, cheese, Jesus, ink pens, candles, shooting stars, and people.

But those things can't lead to a career. [But if you know of a career involving all those things please let me know because #Goals.]

I began to ponder WHAT is it that I truly LOVE, and how do I make that a career?

It's a more complex question than I realized, but after a week or so and much consultation with dear friends and family I unearthed an answer.


Great... now what?

I began thinking and strategizing about WHAT career I could pursue that would allow me to do what I love. The answer came quickly.

I'll be a litigator.

I mean "duh." I'm in law school. I'm on trial team. It's a no-brainer.

I'll be a prosecutor or a fancy defense attorney. Easy.

You'd think this epiphany would have brought me peace and comfort... It didn't.

If that's confusing, don't worry I was right there with you.

I couldn't understand. Shouldn't I be overjoyed? I finally narrowed down my potential careers and I was going to get to do something I loved at the same time!

But the nagging voice in the back of my head wouldn't go away.

"Carlie. You don't want to litigate. That's not a conducive lifestyle for you. You've known this for years... Why are you straying from what you know to be true?"

I felt pretty disillusioned with the whole thing.

But then... the light bulb came on.

I knew what to do. It turned out I always knew, I just never gave it a real chance.

Do it NOW!

I've always planned and dreamed of starting my own leadership and development firm one day.

ONE DAY just always felt like the end of my life.

After I have a legal and political career. After I DID something. After I was credible.

After I felt good enough...

Well. That's nonsense. It took me a long time to realize that, but it's true.

NOW is the time! If you believe in yourself, you can always be enough!

Now, my "new and improved" dream, is to have that fledging business up and running.

Not just a secret aspiration to achieve thirty years later.

Now is the time to start building what I love.

This idea of creating a leadership and development firm has always been my highest goal. My most precious aspiration. Because it is and always will be my PASSION to lead and guide others to their best self.

I've dreamed for years of one day being brought into Chick-Fil-A or Coca-Cola to work with their employees all the way up to the executives to train and guide them on cultivating a more successful corporate culture.

I've imagined the thrill of spreading words of encouragement and motivation to hundreds or thousands and using my LOVE of captivating an audience to make a difference.

I've pictured the reward of coaching individuals on their interview skills to land their DREAM JOB.

These are my passions. These are my heart's desires.

WHY should I wait to satisfy my deepest and most fulfilling aspirations?

I was letting fear of the unknown and fear of failure hold me back.


Today, I publicly share my most terrifying and safely-guarded dream so that YOU can help hold me accountable.

It's going to be difficult. There will be obstacles.

I don't have the traditional experience that likely attaches to individuals who begin a career in motivational speaking, interview training, and personal branding.

I know that. But I believe my personal life experiences have equipped me in a unique way. I believe that each day I will gain more knowledge and wisdom. I believe this incredible dream is POSSIBLE.

I accept the challenge that it creates.

I look forward to learning every single day. I look forward to continual advice from mentors and friends. I look forward to the little successes.

I look forward to the CHALLENGE.

What began as a "platform" or "social impact initiative" [whatever they're calling it these days] within the Miss American Organization so many years ago has helped me realize my passion and my dream.

Within the next few years, this dream WILL become a reality.

[Or the ball will at least get rolling. Starting today.]

This concludes my public service announcement.

I look forward to sharing more details in the future.



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- Carlie S.

"What you do is not your job title; it's the good work you put into the world."

-Dana Spinola