Teaching young people how to use what they have learned in the classroom to one day land a seat in the boardroom.


"What's you end game for life?"

"What is your ultimate goal?"

Getting married.

A successful career.

A loving family.

Lots of friends.

A relaxing retirement.


What is your answer? Think about this question and be honest with yourself.

If you're anything like me (human), an eternity with the Lord is most likely not your very first thought. But that should be every single person's end goal! Our life is so fleeting and short on this earth. Where we live, how great our job is, and the amount of money we earn is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.

Francis Chan does such an amazing illustration on how insignificant our earthly life really is. Take a second to watch this video and see what I mean!

Our life on earth verses eternity is no comparison.

There is NOTHING that matters more than our relationship with God. When you picture your life, stop thinking about your earthly end goal and start seeing things as the bigger picture. Picture your end goal: Walking to the gates of Heaven. Imagine the joy you get to experience when you are allowed to enter into forever with the Lord because you repented of your sins and lived your life for Him.

#LovetheLord #Love

You've done it! You have graduated high school, to college, or grad school. But now what? Are you going straight into the work force? Applying to schools? Or maybe both?

Do you know how to write a cover letter? Resume? What do you wear to your job or school interview? What about follow-ups with your interviewers?

We go to school for years, but often we never learn the practical skills on how to land a job. 

How do we take what we learned in the classroom so we can land a seat in the boardroom?

There is not one-step answer. There is not secret formula. Every single person's path to success is completely unique. But there are a few things I can do to help make your journey a little smoother and hopefully faster!

So where do you start?

Head to the SUCCESS tab and check out all the content on how to find success through some simple strategies. 

You will find information on how to prepare a proper cover letter and an effective resume. 

There is also interview tips, lessons, and practice. 

Then there is also me! Connect with me for personal help and advice on how to land the job, get accepted into your dream school, or simply excel in your current job role. 

- Carlie S.

"What you do is not your job title; it's the good work you put into the world."

-Dana Spinola