Before sharing this E A S Y workout routine with you, I have to give a shout-out to my lovely mother for being the inventor. Thanks Mommy for modeling healthy habits and motivating me to go the extra mile to stay fit.

I know sometimes I don't have the extra time to drive to the gym and then to drive to my next stop. This workout saves you travel time and leaves no excuses for not getting your blood pumping every day.

First, wake up 30 minutes earlier than needed to complete your morning routine.

I know, I know. Nobody wants to get up earlier than necessary, but that is step one: Tell yourself this little workout routine is a necessary part of your day.

Second, drink eight ounces of water.

I like to have it ready on my bedside table in the morning when I wake up.

Third, the exercises:

20 jumping jacks

Stretch - Legs shoulder width apart. Put your hands on the ground, 30 seconds. Go to the right, 30 seconds. Left, 30 seconds.

20 jumping jacks

5 push-ups - Regular or girl push-ups, whatever you need to do.

20 v-ups

20 jumping jacks

20 squats - Modification: Do each squat very slow up and down to make it more difficult

20 v-ups - Modification: 20 crunches if v-ups are too difficult

20 jumping jacks

5 push-ups

20 squats

20 calf raises

20 jumping jacks


Fourth, drink eight more ounces of water.

Now... Continue your morning routine!

Do the same workout before bed each night as well.

This is not a difficult morning workout, but it is effective to get your heart rate and metabolism going. The B E S T thing about this workout is how simple it is to customize. If it becomes too easy: add reps, do the cycle twice, or incorporate more challenging exercises. The important thing is that you wake up and DO something.

Challenge yourself to start doing this basic workout each morning and night. After a week try to do the entire cycle twice, then three times. Then begin adding reps and additional exercises. Before you know it, you have started with a ten minute daily workout and added a 20-30 minute workout to your routine.

Healthy living is a choice you must make every day.

Start TODAY.


Carlie S.