It's Official.

The Strive for Success Mentorship Program is now up and running!!


Are you a high schooler, college or graduate school student, or a young professional looking for career advice or guidance on how to be a professional? Then you are the perfect MENTEE candidate!


Most mentorship programs pair young children in elementary or middle school with high school or college students to give the young ones a positive role model to look up to… The Strive for Success Mentorship Program is DIFFERENT.


The Strive for Success Mentorship Program is designed to connect high school and college students with professionals that can mentor and teach practical skills that will allow students to use the tools they've been given through their education to successfully enter the "real world."


So often students graduate without any knowledge on how to draft an appropriate resume or cover letter. Students are sometimes clueless about how to find a job posting, what to wear to an interview, or how to answer basic interview questions.


The Strive for Success Mentorship Program seeks to change all that. Through one-on-one and group mentorship opportunities, mentors will guide students through the basics of being a professional. Special attention will be paid to reviewing resumes and mock job interviews.


During this unprecedented time, we have all had to learn how to function in a virtual world! Let’s create professional relationships across the country and get the next generation of leaders prepared to land their dream job and succeed!


Are you a professional who wants to give back and share your experiences with others? Be a mentor!


Are you a student or young professional in need of a mentor to guide you? Sign up as a mentee!

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